Programmed Financial Trading System
Data Safety
All-weather automatic guarding, real-time monitoring of transactions through SMS, WeChat, web pages and other platforms; multiple algorithms and well-designed to ensure the safety of data and property

Powerful Trading Network
Interconnect with domestic and international stock and futures exchanges.
Aggregate historical and real-time market data to realize stable trading nodes.
Stable Trading Environment
Support for hundreds of internal products and thousands of policies simultaneously, with microsecond-level system processing capability
Ease Of Use And Compatibility
The future trends and patterns can be predicted and analyzed to support a variety of interfaces to call, convenient and the company's original system through, and support for customized development.
Self-Developed And Tailored
Customized software and hardware platforms tailored to customer investments
Meet the individual needs of various strategies such as high-performance computing, low-latency communication, etc.
One-stop solution
Any combination of the eight system segments,Support for modularity,Customized Development
The Perfect Solution To The Personalized Needs Of Financial Institutions In The Internet Era
About Us
Hangzhou Xian Guo Network Technology Co. founded in 2011, is a national high-tech and dual-soft enterprise. The company focuses on industry software development, customization, the formation of various professional business lines of subsidiaries, empowering the industry small and medium-sized team of low-cost entrepreneurship. Since its inception, the company has been involved in financial technology, games, sass service providers, quantitative investment and other industries, software development, empowering games, financial technology, the tail end of the industry enterprise revenue of more than 10 billion.

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